About Us



1999: Joined the sales team at a government-run military battery factory;

2010: Invested 24 million RMB to build a factory in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, to produce lithium-ion batteries, especially customized lithium-ion batteries and soft bag Li/MnO2 batteries for non-magnetic and high and low temperature batteries.
2018: Set up assembly plant in Anhui Province. The advantage of electric vehicle and ESS battery packs is that the use of our partner's single cell IFR18650, IFR26700, IRF32700 can greatly control costs.

1.Low speed EV and ESS battery packs.

48V 40Ah, 48V 80Ah; 48V100Ah. UL and BIS certification. 

2.LiPo battery

High and low temperature lithium battery;
Non-magnetic grease battery;
Round, curved fat battery;
Usually rectangular lithium batteries
Most of them are UL certified (MH45782); 

3. Bag 3.0V soft primary Li/MnO2 battery: CP battery

8 years shelf life;
1.5 times the capacity of rechargeable batteries;
Can be ultra-thin (1mm thick) and free shape, but not flexible
Most of them are UL certified (MH45782);

4. ER battery and its 150°C type.