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3.6V Li/SOCl2 Battery
Size CC. Middle C-Rate Type hi-temperature ER battery

(Typical data from the batteries stored at 25±5 for 12 months)

Nominal Capacity :    13.0Ah  
(At 50mA, +25°C cut-off voltage 2.0V.)

Open Voltage  (at +25°C) :    3.67V  

Nominal Voltage  (at +25°C, 0.3mA) :    3.60V  

Max. Continuous Discharge Current :    800mA  
(Obtained at +25°C~150°C, 50% nominal capacity, 2.0V cut-off voltage; For higher current, please consult GMB)

Pulse Current :    1200mA  
(At 50mA, +25°C cut-off voltage 2.0V.)

Storage (max.) :    +30°C  
(please consult GMB for higher storage temperature requirements or stringent conditions)

Working Temperate Range :    -30°C - +150°C  
(At 50mA, +25°C cut-off voltage 2.0V.)

Diameter (max.) :    26.2mm  
Height (max.) :    102mm  
Typical Weight :    100g  
Lithium Metal Content :    (About)3.5g  
      • ● stable high operating voltage and high capacitance 
      • ● high energy density, high stable current
      • ● wide operating temperature rages (-30°C~+150°C)
    • ● low self-discharge rate (annual self-discharge rate is less than 3% at +25°C)
    • ● excellent environmental application characteristics
    • ● stainless steel case (low magnetic resistance to environmental erosion)

      ● a positive structure with proprietary technology
      ● stainless steel - glass airtight package
      ● non-combustible electrolyte
      ● high short circuit safety
      ● comply with GB 8897.4-2008 technical requirements
      ● meet technical requirements of IEC60086.4:2014

      Warning: Do not charge, short circuit, heat more than 150, decompose, put into water, directly in the battery shell surface welding, otherwise may cause explosion, combustion and internal acid leakage of the battery.

      Size unit :mm (GB1804-m if tolerance is not specified) For special connection requests, please consult GMB.

      ER261020S  ER261020S  ER261020S  

      ● do not short out the battery
      ● do not charge the battery
      ● don't pin the batter
      ● do not squeeze the battery
      ● pay attention to the battery anode and cathode
      ● electrical equipment connection is correct
      ● do not disassemble the battery
      ● do not burn batteries
      ● do not mix old and new batteries
      ● do not heat the battery to more than 150°C
      ● do not directly weld the battery
      ● please use a battery with pre-welded pins or wires.

      Notice: GMB reserves the right to change the information contaained in this data sheet without prior notice. Any performance parameters mentioned in this file arefor reference only, and the contents of this document can be used as valid contract data only after written confirmation by both parties.

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