Who are we?

GMB strive to offer state-of-art and cost-effective high-temperature batteries or packs for:
A. Petroleum industry:
Underground high-temperature electronic pressure gauges, flow meters, logging while drilling (LWD, MWD), and other underground high-temperature instruments. To the above applications, the hi-temp battery packs by ER321270S are mostly applied. 
B. Automotive industry:
Tire Pressure Warning (TPMS), diesel cylinder detection, etc. To this usage, high-temperature battery ER14250S and ER14505S are mostly chosen. 
C. Geothermal industry:
Tire Pressure Warning (TPMS), diesel cylinder detection, etc. For this appication, hi-temp battery packs by ER32100S, ER321270S are chosen pwer supply. 
D. Military venues and other equipment that require the use of rackets. Always chosen the high-temperauture battery packs by ER14505S, ER321270S and ER341270S. 
E. Medical autoclaves
Usually used to provide precise control and measurement during directional drilling, so customized batteries must be deployed to operate under high temperatures (up to 220 °C) and vibration/ impact loads. In the past 30 years, GMG primary hi-temp batteries such as ER261020S, ER32110S, ER341270S, etc. have become an oil & gas industry standard.
Due to the long-terms efforts, all the cells can tolerate vibrations in actual working situation. Hi temp battery packs have installed safety fuse and PCB, so as to reach goal: priority put on safety and stability.


Posted on Wednesday, 02 August 2023
Energy density: Lithium-sulfur battery has the highest energy density among primary batteries at present, with specific energy up to 590W·h/kg and 1100 (Wh/dm3).Product uniformity: mass-produced batte...
Posted on Wednesday, 02 August 2023
The main components of the positive electrode dressing are lithium, adhesive and conductive agent.Prepare the materials, mix the positive solid battery materials evenly, then add the solvent, and stir...
Posted on Wednesday, 02 August 2023
The main components of the negative electrode dressing are carbon and adhesive.Prepare the materials, mix the negative solid battery materials evenly, then add the solvent, and stir them into a paste ...
Posted on Wednesday, 02 August 2023
Cleaning steps:1. The battery is placed in the area to be cleaned.2. After cleaning solution.3. After purified water.4. After hot air.5. Flow into the battery removal area.

Advatges of High Temperature Battery Packs

Safety First: Fuse and Safety PCB Installation on hi-temp battery packs; 

Harsh VibrationTest 
High temperaute battery packs passed the harsh vibration test before delivery.  GMB hi-temp battery packs demonstrate their resilience and reliability by the harsh test on high temperature lisocl2 battery packs.  
High-Temperature Performance: Operate at 230°C
GMB high-temperature battery packs excel in extreme temperature environments.  GMB's Li-SOCl2 chemistry is specifically engineered to perform reliably even at elevated temperatures. These hi-temp battery packs can operate at temperatures of up to 230°C (446°F),  Whether it's oil and gas exploration, geothermal energy, or downhole tools,  hi-temp battery packs provide a dependable power source in the most challenging thermal conditions.
Cost-Effective Solution
In addition to their impressive performance, GMB high-temperature Li-SOCl2 battery packs offer cost-effective benefits. The hi-temperature battery packs significantly are made in China,  greatly reducing the cost of high temperature battery pacsk,  The high energy density and superior performance of Li-SOCl2 chemistry also contribute to extended service life, minimizing the total cost of customers' over the hi-temp battery's lifespan.  further enhancing the cost-effectiveness of GMB high-temperature battery packs.